Coworkers like their shared space… Why?

Research on coworking by Desk Magazine (on-line

82% of coworkers in US feel more motivated and productive since joining a local coworking facility, such as DurangoSpace located at 1221 Main, Durango, CO.

91% enjoy better interaction with others (most make 7 vital connections w/in 2 months).   In other words, interaction with other coworker creates community.

716 coworking spaces worldwide by March 2011 – twice the amount from a year ago. Early 2012 estimates indicate that over 1,000 coworking locations exist worldwide.

50% US coworkers report higher incomes since joining; 2% report a loss.   Thus, coworking not only saves your money (on workspace), plus it helps on the revenue side!

45% are freelancers or sole entrepreneurs.

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