Work Anywhere Platform

Work Anywhere PlatformSo, where do you work? 

Most of us have, at some point, worked in a “primary office,” also known as the traditional office. This is the “first place.” A primary office may take the shape of a variety of working platforms, from the corporate cubicle to the private corner office, from an open work area to a cubicle farm.

If you are an independent professional or remote worker, you probably have a “home office” that ranges from the kitchen table to a fully furnished separate office in your house. This is the “second place.”

And, you probably have some other workspace locations: the local coffee shop, a local flexible working space (such as DurangoSpace), or the local public library. When you are on the road, you may work out of your Airstream, a hotel’s “business center,” an Internet café or the airport terminal. These are the “third places.”

In the 21st century, all you need is an internet connection, a laptop or iPad, and a secure location. Add in social media/website access and a supportive community of professional peers and . . . voila! You are able to work anywhere while maintaining access to your clients around the globe.

 This is the new world of flexible working. At DurangoSpace, we’ve deemed this model the “work anywhere platform.”

All of our members have adopted the “work anywhere platform.” They proudly use DurangoSpace as one of their “third places” to work and generally fall into one of five categories.

REMOTE WORKERS at DurangoSpace

Remote workers are employed by a company or major client who is based out of town. These virtual professionals use DurangoSpace when home in the Durango area to work on pre- and post-travel projects. In the early days of flexible space in Durango, one of our charter DurangoSpace members, Mark Fei, worked for Cloudera, a company based in Palo Alto, CA. For two years, he traveled the world as an expert software applications trainer while basing out of Durango. Later, Mark moved to Seattle to work as a senior trainer for Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Another member, Jim MacKay, (@canuckinco) has worked with several Colorado start-up companies. Currently, he’s on Ska Fabricating’s Management Team and is the co-founder of the SW Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE).


These talented professionals include graphic designers, videographers and web designers who use DurangoSpace for client meetings and as a creative workspace. Cindy Coleman ( purchased a 15-day DurangoSpace pass, so she had the flexibility to engage with professional peers or work in her art studio at home.


IT specialists, software engineers and programmers value DurangoSpace for its secure, high-speed internet and video conferencing connections. Dan Huff is a senior software and data visualization expert for Tableau, and Don Grubbs is a senior director for Oracle. Both of these technology specialists support global teams from Durango and balance their time between their home offices and DurangoSpace.

INDEPENDENT Professionals at DurangoSpace 

Independent marketing experts, legal advisors, management consultants and financial advisors also use DurangoSpace’s flexible workspace for their client work. Although they may have private offices in the Four Corners region, they often need a safe and secure workspace in Downtown Durango.   Ross Douglas, a financial adviser with Grenadier Financial, had his principal office at DurangoSpace for about five years before moving to a leased office in the Smiley Building. Ross has clients throughout Colorado.

VIRTUAL Professionals at DurangoSpace

Virtual professionals work in a wide variety of fields. They can and will work from anywhere.

These types of members include Ben Thompson, co-founder of GitPrime, (which sold to Pluralsight in 2019). Early in DurangoSpace’s history, Ben was the founder and lead creative force behind StudioFluid, a creative agency with clients across the U.S. Ben’s deep expertise in UI/UX and branding allowed him to work anywhere — and he did, until GitPrime quickly outgrew the flexspace at DurangoSpace. In their own way, each of these types of members utilize the “work anywhere platform.” They value the flexible workspace, ergonomic seating, professionally distanced client meeting spaces, high speed internet, and of course, locally roasted Desert Sun Coffee. All the while, they leave behind the burdensome costs of fixed (leased) offices and high overhead.

Any of these individuals will tell you that DurangoSpace’s most valuable asset is the community of professional peers. With opportunities to network, connect and engage on a daily basis, DurangoSpace is truly as a hub of innovation.

Are you ready to experience the “work anywhere platform?”

Give us a call at (970) 828-1340 or contact us via the web,  to begin your new “work anywhere” adventure with the DurangoSpace community!

DurangoSpace, where Individuals + Imagination + Innovation combine for  Creative Workspace for our members!



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