Special Offers! Location?

101 W 11th StreetCrossroads/Alpine Bank entrance – turn right at top of the stairs to enter for DurangoSpace Suites 106 & Unit 109 (1st floor).

Yes! We are open! Call or Email Ahead!

Note: We are operating on a Members-Focused basis. We usually will have workspace for new members and visitors to Durango, but you’ll need to make prior arrangements, or simply give us a call.  Contact us for more info*.  DurangoSpace is located in the Crossroads (AlpineBank) building since January 2018! We are starting our 13th year of providing premier solo-working and flexible workspace in downtown Durango in 2024! We have value priced our flex space monthly passes during 2024 to include your first week is free!  This applies to “pre-paid” monthly Flexpass memberships only.* Also, save money $$ with our 2024 Membership Special pricing! We provide flexible workspace in Durango, with membership options for monthly solo-working, video conferencing workspace and flex spaces. In our Crossroads/Alpine Bank building location,  we are offering savings on our FlexSpace monthly passes during the 1st  & 2nd quarters 2024 (through 6/30/24with a special deal!  Save over $100/mo as compared to our regular weekly or daily rates for workspaces.  Just send us an e-mail request  asking for our  “Crossroads Location – 2024 Membership Pricing” in the subject line.

Offering Workspace-as-a-Service at DurangoSpace! 

Beginning with our move and soft opening in December 2017, we our WorkSpace-as-a-Service business model in January 2018, in our present location at 101 W 11th Street in downtown Durango.  You’ll find us in Suite(s) 109 with five (5) Workspaces plus our  DurangoSpace Studio 106 Conference Room with Owl Labs video conferencing that is supporting Zoom or MS Teams video calls.  Just step up into the Crossroads (Alpine Bank) building from the 11th St (north side street) entrance, and follow the first floor hallway all the way back to southwest corner bathrooms & elevator to find us in Suites 106 & 109!   Give Jasper a call  if you need detailed directions.  Note:  In April 2023 we have resized our 1st floor Workspaces, with Suite 109 offering 5 Workspaces, and Suite 106 offering a 4 to 6 person Conference Room plus the Owl 3 video conferencing support.   Thanks to our members (since our 2011 opening in downtown Durango, CO), we are keeping the coworking momentum going, which means you can be part of DurangoSpace with the purchase of a multiple month membership and receive a “real money” discount.  During 2024, we are offering competitive rates!  You’ll pay $318/mo (3-month), $298/mo (6-month) or $278/mo (12-month), as compared to the regular $349/monthly pass (our rates valid through 6/30/24).  You’ll breakeven on your Monthly FlexPass in 5 to 7 days (as compared to our daily $49 daily rate), depending on your membership plan!  Save additional money when you prepay a 3-mo, 6-mo or 12-mo FlexPass membership (3% or 5% or 7% earned prepayment discount)!   We also have a  variety of multi-day Passes; so you can prepay a membership that suits your needs.  Whether you decide on a Occasional monthly (4x days per month), multi-day Pass (5 or 10 or 15 days) or the most popular FlexPass membership, DurangoSpace is a great place to work and be productive!  We are the perfect place in downtown Durango for super-fast FastTrack Internet (100 Mbps synchronous – high speed up and down!), plus a peer community workplace. This is Workspace-as-a-Service in Durango!  Add in Desert Sun Coffee (locally roasted, organic & freshly ground coffee).  What a deal!  And we offer flexible workspace plans: no lease, no deposit and no hassle! Our relationship is with you as a member, not an overpriced lease that is inflexible and tenant unfriendly.  Our members really enjoy their workspace and peer professionals here!  It’s a peer professional community!  Visit us at DurangoSpace this week!  Your 2024 “sign up” benefits package will be tailored to your membership tier (3-mo, 6-mo or 12-mo) FlexPass membership. What a flexible Workspace deal!   Individuals + Imagination + Innovation = Creative workspace!

Yes!  We are busy, but if you are flexible, we should have Flexspace for you!

*Your monthly FlexPass membership special includes up to 10 to 12 hours of reserved meeting space per month, subject to availability and membership usage.   We offer private reserved workspaces (5 workspaces in Suite 109) that are setup to serve in each workspace, that we can bill individually or you can request 2-memberships billing to one company ($288 to $318 per member, 2-members per workspace).  Our Reserved Workspace memberships are available, to our current members first and potential members, as space available, with existing DurangoSpace members having “member” priority.   With advance notice and arrangements we have individual memberships in Flexible Workspaces that are available from $288/mo to $318/mo, less applicable discounts (multiple members, prepaid membership and loyalty pricing)  For Solo-Working, the membership pricing for private Workspaces is $525 to $595/mo.  Contact us to to see what workspaces are immediately available and what workspaces will be available in the Spring and Summer of 2024.  Since our private reserved workspaces are limited in number and in high demand, we are giving our present “flex space”and “solo-workers” (that are DurangoSpace members) the first priority for available reserved workspaces.  Just call us for details on our “Wait List”.  Or better yet, come by for a tour to “see what is available” for new members.  We have a membership that fits your workspace and meeting space needs!  

CONTACT US  or call 970-828-1340 for details on DurangoSpace membership!