Membership Pricing

Quick Review of our Membership Pricing – please contact us for an Estimate that fits your workspace Needs!

Premier Flexible Workspace in Durango!

Here’s the quick overview of DurangoSpace membership pricing for flexible workspace Durango, Colorado!    We have part-time memberships (4-days per month) starting at $144.00 month.  We offer 15-day memberships starting at $29.80/day, and 10-day memberships at $31.85/day.  Our most popular FlexPass monthly memberships  are the “best value” flexible memberships with daily work day access.  In addition, your FlexPass membership includes 2 to 3 hours per week of reserved access to our DurangoSpace conference rooms.  You’ll pay $318/mo (3-month), $298/mo (6-month) or $288/mo (12-month), plus our corporate rate of  $349/monthly pass (2024 rates) for two people in your Company or Organization.  You’ll breakeven on Monthly FlexSpace memberships in 5 to 7 working days (as compared to our daily $49 rate), depending on your membership plan!   For our prompt payment members,we offer 3% to 7% discounts on multiple month memberships for payment in advance. Our pricing for DurangoSpace meeting space ranges from $29/hour to $42/hour (member-only rates) with access limited to Members or pre-approved Guests only.  Contact for information on your video conference and meeting space needs!

Details on Workspace-as-a-Service at DurangoSpace

What’s included in our FlexPass and Reserved Space memberships and workspaces at DurangoSpace? Desert Sun Coffee , super high speed (100 Mbps synchronous) FastTrack Communications Internet, ergonomic Hon Ignition seating, location in the Class A Crossroads/Alpine Bank building workspace (11th & Main), in downtown Durango.   We’ve been supporting our members with premier Workspace, ergonomic seating and professional support services since 2011 in downtown Durango!  All of our workspaces are located in the Crossroads Building/Alpine Bank building.  These Solo-Working workspaces (one member with exclusive use of their assigned workspace) range in member pricing from $475 to $595 per month, subject to availability.  Dou-Working workspaces (2 members per workspace) are limited, and memberships run monthly at $288 to $375 per month per member (2x monthly membership pricing, if you’d like both memberships or have a team of 2 people, which run from $545 to $595/mo). Please e-mail Jasper for a current listing of solo and duo Workspaces, some of which may be coming open over the next 15 to 60 days.  Call us 970-828-1340 or contact us for coworking options & private workspace availability, or to request a DurangoSpace  membership estimate.  Ask us for a “first day free” coworking pass!  Or first week free, with paid monthly memberships (see Jasper for details)!