What is FlexSpace?

What is flex space?    Good question, as the variety of office and workspaces are changing, we are moving away from fixed desks, lots of paper, heavy filing cabinets and static room arrangements.   In fact, companies and individual workers are leaving traditional offices and the increased overhead behind, in favor of flexible workspace.  Flexspace is the new workspace environment created from movable worktables, roll around chairs and adaptable meeting room set-ups.   Add increased Internet access and speeds, white boards and Smart Boards, casual seating, in-house “good coffee” to your workspace to make it more flexible, adaptable and productive.   At DurangoSpace, all of our worktables and all of our chairs (except for a few) are on wheels.   Each worktable has a tilt top for ease of movement into new workspace formations and team arrangements.    So why does this matter?   Each day a new program or coworker will need changes in meeting room space, last minute room changes for team plans and rearranged seating.   These daily coworking activities will impact how your workspace and meeting space will need be arranged.    Using Hon Huddle® series conference tables, Hon Basyx® worktables and Valore roll around seating, DurangoSpace has focused on flex space that can be configured and used in a variety of ways, as determined by our team members.   Resetting and changing the room arrangements can be done rapidly and without delay.   This is the new way that teams work, how meetings are arranged and how coworkers can be more productive.   This is flex space at DurangoSpace!



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