Work Has Changed?

The world of work has changed.    The days of toiling away in a cubicle, with endless face-to-face meetings and mounds of paperwork are fading into history.    Instead, virtual teams and flexible workspaces that reach across space, time and organizational boundaries are emerging as the new way work and projects get done.   Sure, there are government agencies and isolated bureaucracies in some sectors that are rule bound, desk bound and revolve around vertical reporting.   But really, how long will that high fixed cost and limited flexibility approach work?   Most organizations are moving beyond the traditional office, and among the self-employed (approximately 30% to 40% of the US based establishments), virtual teams and shared workspaces are gaining traction.    Research shows that only about 45% of workers actual show up at their “assigned offices” on any given day.  The rest?    They are traveling, on customer location, on vacation or coworking!    This is where DurangoSpace comes in: A flexible workspace with dual Internet connections, a great place to work, meet and have a front office within a well appointed workspace.   We presently see coworking members whose companies are based in Palo Alto, CA; Boston, MA; Denver, CO and right here in Durango.   And their clients and work teams are located worldwide.  Some DurangoSpace members are on the road 1/3 to 2/3 of the time, using DurangoSpace as preferred workspace when they are in town.  Why do our members prefer DurangoSpace?    It is flexible, easy to adapt, a great place to meet and work on solo or team projects.  So why not drop by DurangoSpace and experience the new way to work!  Call us today at 970-828-1340!


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