Working Independently

Is your work dependent on one employer (aka, a job)?    Or are you working independently with a number of organizations?   Is your work dependent on one location?   Or is it location neutral?  Do you telecommute to work?   Or head into the corporate cubicle to work?

The world of work has changed!    And 2014 will bring even more new dimensions to the world of work.   Let’s review some thoughts about the changing world of work, in light of expanding coworking movement.    And in the context of DurangoSpace, a workspace in Durango, CO that can support the new world of work.   In fact, the pros and cons of telework are front and center for many organizations:

First, many employers, including Fortune 1000 companies, IT companies, consulting firms and even the US Government are moving to a distributed workforce, that includes a significant number of telecommuters in their workforce.   At DurangoSpace we have members working for companies in Seattle, WA  (, HP, a software company in Boulder, CO , a sales lead company in Denver, CO    Our coworking (telecommuters) are based out of their home offices, DurangoSpace and “on-the-road” during any given week.    Some live in Durango, CO (or the outlying areas), others come into Durango for client work or working vacations.  Simply put, DurangoSpace is flexible workspace for the busy independent professional.

Secondly, our DurangoSpace members work independently, whether they are self-employed or they are working remotely for a company that is not located in Durango, CO.    Sometimes they are at home (with a laptop, on the phone with clients, or handling paperwork), other times they are at DurangoSpace to take advantage of the workspace, super-fast 30+Mbps Internet or conference room and professional meeting space.    Work takes place in a flexible work environment and DurangoSpace supports that adaptable approach.   While our members work independently, they do depend on excellent technology, higher speeds of Internet connectivity and face-to-face contact to get their jobs done. DurangoSpace provides that as well.

Thirdly, our DurangoSpace members travel.    They head to where the customers are; even if is just across town or across the county.   Jim MacKay, an independent business developer and startup company investor posted this Twitter “travel” schedule in early January 2012: “DRO-DEN-LAX-JFK-EWR-MCO. Between now and Thursday. Giddyup.”  Now that is a “road warrior” schedule for a work week,  that clearly indicates the new world of work:  independent, adaptable, flexible and in multiple locations.   And with this type of schedule, having a base like DurangoSpace (to launch from and come home to), can really help anchor the independent worker or telecommuting professional.

Fourthly, our DurangoSpace coworkers have varied work styles, clients, companies (both as employers and clients) and needs.   For example, at DurangoSpace we are “slow” on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.   Without an “on-site boss” or peers in the workplace to “report to” or be “reported on”, most of our coworkers are independent of the usual “sucking up to the boss” from early Monday until late Friday afternoon.    Instead, our coworkers are focused on getting results, helping their clients and working hard for their companies.   All this from a DurangoSpace coworking environment, or (in many cases) whatever workplace our members find themselves in.

Finally, given the changed world of work, it is clear that traditional offices, full time secretaries, high cost leased space and inflexible work environments are becoming the historical relics of a bygone era.   Instead, the rapid expansion of coworking, shared workspace, team-ware software, Skype phone calls and instant messaging via social networks has changed “how things get done”.    So why wait?    As your rethink your approach to 2014, shouldn’t coworking be part of your “new work” solution?   Call us at 970-828-1340 to experience coworking at DurangoSpace!


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