Friday Lunch Lecture

Sep 18, 15 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Topic:  Artificial Neural Networks (the geeks will understand what this is!)    From Dan Marlow, cofounder of Durango Coders, from their page (if you’d like to find about all the Durango Coder meetings, sign up on


It’s September! Already! Time to kick off the Fall Lunch Lecture series.  Friday, September 18th at noon.   At the SCAPE workspace, located at 1211 Main Avenue (upstairs, above Land Title Guarantee, next door to DurangoSpace).

Jeremy Cerise will walk and talk and show and tell us through some of the work he has been doing with artificial neural networks. This will include discussion about what Neural Networks are, the different types, and an example network used to optimize a problem (not yet decided on…)

Hope to see you there!

Also, as usual, we’ll have some pizza-based refreshments!    Dan Marlow, cofounder, Durango Coders

SCAPE-1211 Main (upstairs)

Dan Marlow