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So where do you work?    Let’s look at some obvious and less obvious places.   Most of us have a “primary office” that could be formal or less formal.  This is the “first place”.   If you are in “job jail”, you probably have a range of working platforms, from the corporate cubicle to the private corner office, from a shared desk facility to being part of an cubicle farm.     If you are an independent coworker or telecommuter, you probably have a “home office” that may range from the kitchen table, to the corner of your bedroom or guest room, or a fully-furnished separate office in your house.  This is the “second place”…your home office.    And, as an independent or virtual professional, you probably have some other workspace locations: the local coffee shop, a local coworking facility (such as DurangoSpace) or the local library.   And when you are on the road, it could be your hotel room, the local “business center”, an Internet cafe or the airport terminal (which can range from really cramped & lousy to wide open & spacious).  These are the “third places”, with coworking being the best place! At DurangoSpacecoworking really works for our members!

Welcome to the “work anywhere platform”!    Actually the place where we work depends on the work we are doing.    At DurangoSpace we have discovered five types of workers that are members of the coworking community here.  In their own way, they each utilize the “work anywhere platform”, which includes coworking and community at DurangoSpace.  First, we’ll look at the example of the virtual professional or corporate telecommuter, who works for a company or major client elsewhere. In the early days of coworking in Durango, one of our charter DgoSpace members (Mark Fei) worked for which is based in Palo Alto, CA.  For two years, he traveled the world for as an expert software applications trainer, while being based in Durango.  Now Mark is living in Seattle, WA as a senior trainer for Amazon Web Services (AWS).   Another member (Jim MacKay @canuckinco) is working with several start-up companies based in Colorado, plus he’s involved on the Management Team of Ska Fabricating   Jim is the co-founder of the SW Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE).   These coworking members use DurangoSpace as part of their “work anywhere platform” when they are home in the Durango area and working on pre and post travel follow-up for projects and clients.   Secondly, there are the creative professionals, such as graphic designers, videographers, and web designers.  Creative artists, such as Cindy Cowan has a 15-day DurangoSpace pass, so she can work out of her art studio at home, or DurangoSpace (both for creative workspace and meeting with clients) or at her client’s office.  The third group of DurangoSpace members are the technologists (IT, software, programming), such as Adam Roessler. Adam works for Solar City a software company based in the SF Bay area during business hours, and is the co-founder of the Durango Coders.  Many of the professionals in the software business need flexible space, high-speed Internet connections, and team meeting space—all resources that DurangoSpace can provide.  The fourth group of DurangoSpace members are the independent professionals, such as independent insurance agents, legal advisors, management consultants and financial advisors.  While this group may have a private office in the Four Corners region, they need meeting space for their client work.   Or they travel and need a base of operations in Durango.   Ross Douglas, an financial adviser with Grenadier Financial has his principal office at DurangoSpace (reserved space).  He works with clients in Denver, rural and western Colorado.  All from 1221 Main in Durango!  The fifth group of DurangoSpace professionals are the virtual coworkers who can work anywhere.  The have quickly adapted to the DurangoSpace community and our “work anywhere platform”.    Members such as Ben Thompson, co-founder of GitPrime, plus Ben’s the founder and lead creative force behind StudioFluid work at DurangoSpace.  Ben’s deep expertise in UI/UX and branding allows him to work anywhere…and he does, with his coworking base here at DurangoSpace.

With these examples, we can see that coworking at DurangoSpace is just a part of the overall “work anywhere platform” that our members utilize as their 21st Century work model.   You just need an Internet connection, a laptop or iPad, a coworking community and location, your home or private office and the compliment of social media & web site access and…voila, you are able to work anywhere, have access to and with your clients from multiple locations.  All the while, you are able to leave the burdensome costs of fixed offices and high overhead behind.  This is the new world of coworking.

Are you ready to work anywhere and experience the virtual work platform?   Give us a call at DurangoSpace, (970) 828-1340 and begin your new “work anywhere” adventures.


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