Mike’s Recommendation!

To:                  Jasper Welch, DurangoSpace

From:             Mike Fearney

Date:              August 9, 2013

Subject:         DurangoSpace Membership Experience


As you know, I am an accountant for a multinational corporation, and generally work out of our office in Florida.  I was fortunate enough to have the flexibility to come to Durango for a couple of months this summer, and work remotely.

My experience this summer at DurangoSpace was nothing but the best.  The downtown location, the facilities, the internet connection, the resources, my workspace, and the occasional private office availability, all met my needs.

In addition, I met some great people, who made the summer months here all the more rewarding.  It was, by far, a preferable situation than trying to achieve the same things out of a makeshift office at home while in Durango.  I was very productive, I feel, and met every need presented by the company, and accomplished a few extra things for the company, as well.

I look forward to next year, when I can do it again!



PS. Over the past 5 summers, Mike has been coworking at DurangoSpace.  We’ve enjoyed his presence, hard work ethic and wry sense of humor – (from Jasper, co-founder at DurangoSpace)


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