Marketing Simplified

One the biggest challenges that all self-employed professionals and micro-enterprises face is marketing.   How do I tell my/out story with a limited budget and resources.   Before we get into the tactics (for a later blog), let’s look at the three key elements of marketing and communications for business development: 1) Who is your customer?  Who is your audience?   2) What is your message?  Your story?  Position in the marketplace?  Benefits to your customers?  3) How to communicate?  What media?  How to distribute your message?    In summary, what is your message, who needs to hear/see/experience it and how will you communicate your business message? Too often, as marketing consultants we see our clients focused on the methods, tactics and media (marketing tactics), with a lack of clear message and a fuzzy understanding of who is the customer?   Need ideas….call us at DurangoSpace!

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