Time to Ditch your Office?

connectingnewTime to Ditch your Expensive Office?

So where do you work?  Some of us have a home office, others head to the traditional office and others are discovering flexible workspace, known as coworking.   So is it time to ditch your office, which is expensive and inflexible?   What does my fixed space office really cost?  Well, it depends, as your “rent” or “lease” is just a part of your monthly cost.

Let’s look at a typical “cheap office” in the $500 per month lease range.   For starters, we need to sign a lease (usually for a year!) plus come up with first month’s rent, plus the last month of rent and a $500 deposit.   So where do I get $1,500 to start, when my cash flow is already tight?   And I just signed a $6,000/year lease!  Ouch!   Oh, and I need faster Internet, plus some janitorial and common space fees (CAM fees).  That is another $250/month! That could be an additional $3,000/year.  My cost for and office is adding up to “this is expensive!”.   And now I found out that there isn’t a conference room in the building that I can use!  Bummer!   Before you know it, we are up to $2,000 to get launched and the better part of $750 for monthly rent and related space cost!   Another challenge is overcoming isolation, as my windowless downtown office is not exactly the most creative workspace and it lacks the “office community” I’m used to working with.  Is the traditional “inflexible and expensive lease” my only choice?

Is there another way to enjoy creative workspace and find a peer community at work?   Enter coworking, your way forward for productive workspace at an affordable price point.     Here’s more info on coworking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coworking

And for you like to research new ideas and get more info, http://www.nightowlspress.com/e-book-store/working-in-the-unoffice-a-guide-to-coworking

So what is the difference and does coworking actually work for independent, telecommuting and freelance workers?   First, there is a peer community of freelancers, independents (aka, “indies”) and telecommuting professionals.  Rather than working alone, there is an informal group of like-minded professionals to share ideas, solve problems and develop creative approaches with.    Secondly, with the shared space approach available at a coworking facility, you have workspace open that better fit the new “work anywhere platform”  http://durangospace.com/work-platform Thirdly, you’ll save money and time as compared to the traditional office.   How?  At coworking communities such as DurangoSpace, we have multi-day passes, monthly passes and occasional use passes.  http://durangospace.com/membership-pricing  No deposit, no lease and no additional cost for high-speed Internet access.    Coworking offers simple pricing and clear workspace benefits.   Finally, you can keep your home office as part of your personal workplace ecosystem  http://durangospace.com/home-office  And for those DurangoSpace members that need some reserved private space, we have that as well, starting at $275 per month for a shared private office, with our top-of-the line furnished suites at $650/month.  We have 3 private workspaces at 1221 Main Ave and 4 additional private workspaces upstairs at 1211 Main in downtown Durango.

Welcome to coworking, the best way to expand your professional capacity and working productivity.    At DurangoSpace, we encourage our members to maintain some level of home office workspace.   At the same time, we recognize that our DurangoSpace members need higher speed Internet connections, private meeting space, a community of coworkers and higher levels of interaction with other independent workers and professionals.   Thus, coworking expands the home-based office to include other essentials elements of working.   All the benefits of creative workspace, without an expensive, leased-based traditional office.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to ditch your office!  Why work alone in an expensive single office and miss out on the peer community of fellow coworkers?    Don’t let another month of high overhead and lack of flexibility hold you back from creative workspace. Contact us here at DurangoSpace or simply call us at 970-828-1340.   Or just drop by 1221 Main Ave.   Your first day of coworking is free!


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