Is the Office Obsolete?

Remember your Dad’s office?   Or where your Mom worked?  Or your uncle from back East?  Or your Aunt working on the West Coast?  Do you remember all of the secretaries, typewriters, rows of desks, and in more recent years, the boring cubicles?   In the new world of virtual teams (across space, time and boundaries), mobile offices, and smart phones, the traditional office is being turned upside down.  In fact it is obsolete!  When DurangoSpace started, we looked at the new world of work and decided to create workspace in Durango, CO that is flexible, movable and simple.    All the work tables and seating is on wheels, and each coworking and meeting room can be set up in a variety of ways.     And for independent workers, or those who are part of a virtual team, you can meet and visit with fellow professionals in great workspace.  Or jump onto a Skype call or phone call to a peer somewhere around the world!   And being located in Durango’s downtown sure beats a remote location surrounded by parking lots.  Downtown Durango is walkable, and we’re right on Main Avenue.  Gone are the  days of fixed desks, immovable conference tables and cubicles that cut off conversations.    Instead, coworking is here and available in downtown Durango, across from Buckley Park.   By the day, over multiple days or via monthly memberships.   No lease, no hassle and completely flexible workspace is what you’ll find at DurangoSpace.  We’ll see you here at 1221 Main Avenue, across from Buckley Park! What are you waiting for?


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