Why Have a Home Office?

Welcome to the Coworking foyer at DurangoSpace, flat screen monitors, ergonomic seating, 50Mbps Internet & climate controlled workspace.

The number one reason to have a home office is that you need a convenient place to work at home, even if only for occasional projects.  As independent workers, telecommuting workers or independent professionals, the home office has become a key place in their working ecosystem.  While scanning equipment and technology has reduced (if not nearly eliminated paper), there still seems to be business records and paperwork projects that can be more easily completed in a home office.  In addition, a home office can be more convenient, easier to access (most days) and spending time at the home office can be efficient (less interruptions and no travel).     However, the virtues of the home office can also be characterized by its limiting factors.    Easy access to your home office can blur the line between “work life” and “home life”.    While the close proximity of a home office can be an advantage (no travel time, less rental cost, the ability to work flexible hours), it can also be a disadvantage (all to easy to work at night versus spending time with family or hobbies, much too easy to be distracted by home chores or family member interruptions).

The new addition to your work ecosystem is coworking, the best way to expand your professional capacity and professional productivity.    At DurangoSpace, we encourage our members to maintain some type of home office workspace.   At the same time, we recognize that our DurangoSpace members need higher speed Internet connections, private meeting space, a community of coworkers and enhanced levels of interaction with other independent workers and professionals.   As an expansion of your workplace ecosystem, DurangoSpace has quiet and private workspaces for our member coworkers, including 14 workspaces (2-members per workspace) in  Crossroads/AlpineBank  starting in January 2018.  In addition to productive workspace, coworking offers a community of coworker peers and a variety of social and training events. Thus, coworking expands the home-based office to include other essential elements of a health work environment.

Here are some reasons that our coworking members have shared with us regarding why coworking has enhanced their working options:

A) Our members are part of a professional community, with either coworkers that you can team with while at DurangoSpace or simply that you are a part of a larger coworking community right here in Durango, CO.

B) Professional meeting space for team meetings, client meetings or vendor meetings at DurangoSpace.   Many home offices are not well suited nor equipped for quality meeting space.  Nor do you want “strangers” or folks you may not know “at your house”.  At DurangoSpace we have PolyCom conference call capacity, white Boards, coffee & tea service and a simple reservations system (to reserve your space in advance).

C) Higher Internet speeds that are solid and reliable at DurangoSpace (50 Mbps+ down & 50 Mbps up).  We have fiber connection via FastTrack Communications for “always up” connectivity!   Parts of western Colorado technically have Internet; when it works and when it is fast enough to send larger files.   But there are times that your “home-based Internet” may not be working well enough for business purposes.

D) Downtown Durango is convenient and within walking distance to banking, shopping, Post Office and business support services (everyone has to go to “town” to get some things done).  Plus DurangoSpace is nearby Durango’s restaurants, entertainment venues and retail shopping experiences that are located in downtown Durango.  Our new location on the first floor of  Crossroads/Alpine Bank building is in the “heart of Durango” at 11th & Main.  We’re located in Suites 108 & 109, accessed from the 101 W 11th Street (north side) entrance, across from Ernie’s Bar /Taste Coffee and the food trucks.

E) Coworking spaces, such as DurangoSpace, improve members’ visibility and connections within the community and peers.  Coworking is good for marketing, making connections and expanding your business footprint.  And you’ll meet peer professionals to broaden your thinking, contacts and gather feedback.  There is a vibrant professional community of fellow coworkers everyday at DurangoSpace.

So why have a home office?     Clearly it is a home base and location to work in ways that can be customized to your working schedule and client interactions.     However, with coworking access to DurangoSpace, you can enhance your “home base” and expand your working productivity, professional visibility and community involvement.    The best choice is to have a home office AND enjoy a coworking membership at DurangoSpace!     Call us at 970-828-1340 to enhance your home office with a coworking membership today!


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