Dual Internet Connection

Based on requests from our DurangoSpace members and visitors, we have added a second Internet connection at our 1221 Main location.   Yes, always on “dual band” Internet for our members!  Wow!  Our enhanced Internet connection (VDSL) is a FasT6 from FastTrack Communications, which includes speeds or 10 Mbps (and greater) of Internet capacity and 6 dedicated phone lines.   We provide local phones (and long distance on request) in each DurangoSpace conference room and in some of the  semi-private workspace at DurangoSpace.  Plus we have a dedicated Fax line (970) 828-1345 for members.    Our main phone number is (970) 828-1340.   The second Internet connection is from HighSpeed4U, using a wireless radio connection from Smelter Mountain tower (with a  by FastTrack fiber).   The dual Internet connection adds redundancy, increased bandwidth (speeds at 10 Mps & higher) and better upload capacity (speeds up to 5 Mps) for DurangoSpace members and visitors.   In addition, we have worked with the HiSpeed4U team to add a Cat5 cable up & over (full strength Internet access) to our 1211 upstairs semi-private DurangoSpace suites next door.   The new dual Internet connection also will allow for streaming video applications and video conferencing applications as we expand DurangoSpace services.   We are tweeting our Internet connection and the Internet download speeds (and upload) are amazing.   Here is how we test the Internet speeds at DurangoSpace  http://speedtest.net  Thanks to FastTrack Communications and HighSpeed4U!



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