Coworking in Durango Colorado!

coworking in Durango ColoradoCoworking is the new way to work in Durango.   Come experience workspace that is flexible, whether you are working solo, involved in virtual teams or participating in joint projects with others.   You have choices at DurangoSpace, whether you are working on your own or working with your clients.  You may be on-line, checking e-mail, listening in on a conference call, or getting your work done or preparing for client presentation.  At DurangoSpace, we have great coworking space and we support our members from all walks of professional life.   Your workspace is member friendly and member driven.   We are beyond the home office, better equipped than the local public facilities, and more professional (for meetings) than places designed for eating or reading books!  Add in private meeting space, kitchen facilities and local artwork:  and voila!  you have the complete workspace you’ve been looking for.  All in one convenient downtown Durango location at 1221 Main Avenue, right across from Buckley Park.   And in 2013, we added SCAPE and 4 private workspaces next door at 1211 Main (upstairs). DurangoSpace features 2,600 SF at 1221 Main Avenue plus another 2,000 SF at 1211 Main (upstairs), which equals 4,600 SF of coworking workspace, client or team meeting space, and private office space.    We are supporting our members with super-fast Internet (30 to 50 Mbps down), four (4) full-service conference rooms, plenty of workspace and seven (7) private workspaces.  And our DurangoSpace members have realized that they are more productive, they enjoy the variety of workspace and have made new friends, along with peer professional contacts.  That sure beats being lonely at home or being stuck in an isolated (and expensive) traditional office!

Why pay for an expensive private office, sign a long term lease and end up working alone, when you can join the coworking community at DurangoSpace?  Save time, save money, with no lease required and flexible space that fits your needs!  Come see DurangoSpace today.  The first day is free!  May your ideas flourish!

Need more info on coworking? Or better yet:  just come by DurangoSpace and experience the new way to work, have professional meetings and connect with the world through coworking.  Why are you waiting?